Comment on 5 challenges you must face when transitioning to a paperless real estate office by Marknose

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I’m going to check on Dotloops.

I have the full Adobe CS. Part of the problem with secure docs (authentisign, docusign, other services) is you can’t reduce that 2 page, full-res, color pdf from 10MB to 200K. We get emails chock full of oversize documents because the sender doesn’t have the equipment, instructions, or ability to send optimized pdfs. It isn’t that hard but I still have to go to someone else’s off-brand dropbox, sign in, make up a password, and download mismatched and mis-sized files . . . for a property I may not get in a multiple offer. The same docs I’ve got to clean up and resend to my client for their receipt. The alternative is not doing business so I should probably be happy with the problems that will eventually work themselves out in a few years.

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