Q: Do I have to sign an annual contract to become a member?
A. Yes, however you can cancel your agreement at any time with 30 days written notice.  You will receive an email confirming your cancellation and after your last payment you will be removed from our system

Q: What is required to become a member?
A. You must have a FL or NC real estate license.  You must also agree to our terms and conditions, the Independent Contractor Agreement and promise to follow the National Association of Realtors code of ethics and Practices

Q: Do I need to be a member of a Local Realtor Association?
A. No, but we strongly encourage it.  If you decide you do not need the MLS, tools and resources we have an option for you.

Q:  Are there any quotas or sales requirements?
A. No, however our company is set up for production.  We are here to help you meet your goals.  We have multi-million dollar producers here at Virtuoso Realty International.  Our peers and colleagues should strive for excellence.

Q:  What is the sign up process and how long does it take.
A. Click the “Join Online” button to take you to the registration page.  There, you can review the independent contractor agreement.  Once you complete the registration page you will automatically be emailed your copy of the ICA, the policy and procedures manual for your reference, an association form and W9.  Return the filled out association form and W9 and we’ll activate your license.  During normal business hours the entire process can take less than ten minutes.

Q:  How will I know all of the company procedures?
A. Our Policy and Procedures Manual is detailed and easy to read.  You can always turn to that for “how to” do anything with us

Q:  How and when do we receive our commissions?
A. Our company does payroll almost every day.  You can also take advantage of our “paid at closing” option on your sales.  Keep in mind; we only pay commissions on cleared funds.  Title company checks and personal checks take time to clear. If you choose to get “paid at closing” the title Company or Attorney conducting the closing pays you your portion of the commission directly the same day of the closing, getting paid at closing is very simple with our office all you have to do is a get paid at closing request which can be done right within the transaction management system of Appfiles, once there simply fill out the simple web form and click request a signature the office will immediately get notified that you are requesting to get paid at closing. We will then verify that the file is in compliance and approve your request once the request is approved the system will generate a letter which basically authorizes the escrow agent to pay you directly and to send us our portion.It’s that simple… No need to print, fax, or sign anything our goal at Virtuoso is to make everything you do as efficient as possible while also contributing to GOING GREEN through our paperless systems!

Q: Is E&O insurance included?

Q: Does Virtuoso Real Estate International do training for its agents?
A: Yes!  If you are brand new we encourage you to take advantage of what we offer and everything your local Realtor Association offers with your membership as well as our online training, one on one training and mentor options.

Q: Am I allowed to manage properties?
A: As an agent of Virtuoso Real Estate International you are only to provide services of Real Estate permitted under licensing law.  If you would like to form a separate entity or corporation to have a management business or any other business that is your choice. Contact the Broker about our Property Management division.

Q: Where do I buy signs & business cards
A:Once you join you will be able to order signs and business cards right from our intranet site. We work with several vendors which all have our designs set up and ready to go, all you have to do is go to there website and select the style of business card or sign you need, place the order online and within a few days you will have your promotional material. We are also setup with an apparel Company so if you would like to order business shirts, polos or promotional materials with our logo you can also do that at a very affordable price.

Q: Where is Virtuoso International located?
A:Our corporate offices are located in Charlotte, NC and Port St. Lucie, FL, however if you do not live near our office there is nothing to worry about as a matter of fact the majority of our agents do not live near us, you see when you join Virtuoso we will set you up with your very own Appfiles account where you will be able to manage all aspects of your business. In addition our agents get paid at the closing table, so no need to send us a check or wait a couple days for your commission, title Company or attorney conducting the closing will pay you your portion of the commission directly that very same day. (Which by the way it is 100%!!) With that said our agents find that they do not need to live near our offices since everything is online and you get paid at closing.

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