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Virtuoso International has been in the real estate services business in the Florida real estate market for many successful years and will be here for many more. We are the “Specialists in the art of Real Estate”.  This longevity and confidence comes from our service to a great many buyers and sellers, and their recommendations to others that results in repeat and referral business. This keeps us productive and successful as a vibrant company that’s paving its way as a premier full service real estate firm wherever services are needed, whether throughout the state of Florida, the country or the world.  Our high level of customer service makes our clients comfortable, our market expertise makes them confident and the results make them smile.

Our system was formed when the Broker, Michele realized there is a strong need to revolutionize the way Realtors conduct business. In today’s economic climate it’s important to work efficiently.  It’s also important for agents to maximize their earning potential. The days of splitting your commission to support large fancy brokerage offices is over. Your clients use your services because of you, not your logo.

Virtuoso International is quickly reforming and revolutionizing the way we do business. Our goal is to provide our agents with high value quality service and the tools necessary to ensure our agents can reach their maximum potential building their business. Our online office is easy to use and will save you time and money.  Our agents can work from anywhere in the world as if they are sitting in our office. Tasks that typically require real estate agents to drive to their offices can be done online we are a “green” company.

As a full service real estate team and specialists , we work with buyers, sellers and investors in real estate transactions spanning all of the price ranges and property types.

Residential Single Family – Our residential single family services connect buyers with sellers every day, and we do it with professionalism and a total dedication to our clients. This property type is the majority of our market transactions, but by far not the only one in which we have expertise. Are you ready to join a team of Residential Specialists?

Condominiums – While condominiums are residential, they’re a very different market focus, are you an experts in evaluating condos and helping buyers and sellers to cope with the special financing and homeowner concerns for this property type? If so, join us.

Multi–family – Investors are great clients for Virtuoso International. Multi–family properties are a very unique market. If the detailed return on investment and valuation calculations that investors need is what you love to do become a Virtuoso today.

Commercial – Whether it’s a shopping mall, a small office building or a restaurant space, we’re commercial property specialists. Join our commercial property division.

Vacant Land – Land is a very special property class. It’s relatively easy to show a gourmet cook a wonderful commercial kitchen in a home and see their eyes light up. It’s more of a challenge to help a buyer or seller to realize the potential in a piece of land. If you are a land specialist we want you.